The Clap is the secret weapon in every electronic drum set. Why? Because it infuses electronic music with unparalleled vitality and forges a unique connection between drum sounds and the emotion of human applause.

With the Orpho Hand Clap module, you can shape sounds from subtle to striking, adding an authentic touch to your music. A small module that achieves greatness - welcome to the future of Zulu Grooves!

Parameters and Controls

1. Rate Potentiometer:
- This potentiometer affects the intensity and spacing of consecutive handclaps.
- Turn it to the right to increase intensity and widen the gap between handclap sounds, similar to a reverb effect.

2. Trigger Repeated Potentiometer:
- Turning this potentiometer shifts the incoming trigger signal.
- Creates the impression of multiple individuals engaged in a handclap frenzy as the handclap sounds overlap.

3. Echo Potentiometer:
- Adjusts the space in which the clapping individuals are situated.
- From small studios to large halls, vary the room ambiance to your taste.

4. Noise Potentiometer:
- Adds a noise component to the handclap sound.
- A wide range of variations, from dry to organic-sounding claps, is possible.

5. Decay Potentiometer:
- Delays or extends the decay tail of the handclap sound.
- Customize the reverb time to your preference.

6. Tune Knob:
- Alters the characteristic of the handclap sound, from small child-like hands to large basketball player hands.

7. Pitch via CV Input:
- Pitch can also be influenced by the TV input signal.
- Generate even more diverse and varied handclap sounds.

1. Connect the module to your Euro-rack system and ensure it is powered.

2. Use the potentiometers to achieve your desired sound settings. Experiment with the parameters to create unique handclap sounds.

3. Adjust the rate, room, noise, and pitch to craft the perfect handclap for your music.

4. Utilize the Trigger Repeat potentiometer to generate interesting variations in the handclap pattern.

5. Combine the TV input to further influence the pitch and explore additional sonic possibilities.

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