Eurorack Centrifugal Gate Sequencer for 1-128 Steps


Welcome aboard the Orpho Aximorph Sequencer, your galactic navigator for rhythmic expeditions in the Eurorack universe!

With it, you can generate gate signals that feel like they're being spun out of a cosmic centrifuge.

Parameters and Controls:

- Use the centrifuge knob to adjust the step count from 1 to 128
- Pressing the centrifuge knob activates/deactivates the steps
- The clear button clears both patterns >>> and <<<
- Use the reversal mode for the 2nd pattern
- Manually advance the steps using the move button
- The reset button sets the pattern to position 0
- The factor2 button doubles the incoming clock impulse

The display shows the total number of steps, as well as the position and number of active steps.


Technical Specifications:

Number of steps: 1-128

Number of patterns : 2 | volatile memory

Gate/Trigger output: +5V |10mS
Display:   white| 1.3 inch

Power supply: According to your Eurorack system's requirements +12V 40mA | +5V 30mA

If you have any questions, please contact our ground crew. Have fun making music with your new sequencer!




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